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Moviefone's "25 Under 25"
at the  People’s Choice Awards
HTC's "Channel The World:

Pixels to Person" Promotion

Campaign Objectives: 

- Tie into Moviefone’s online contest where fans had to pick their favorite young stars who would be appearing at the 2010 People's Choice Awards.
- Promote Moviefone at the People's Choice Awards in a way that consumers wouldn't forget.
- Grow Moviefone’s Facebook fan page.    


The Campaign:

Fans at the  People's Choice Awards got to feel like real celebrities when they stepped onto the “Moviefone Red Carpet “ to pose with cutouts of their favorite Moviefone nominated stars while a crew of 'paparazzi' snapped their photographs.
The photos were then posted on Moviefone’s Facebook fan page where fans could retrieve them and be able to share their “Moviefone Red Carpet” experience with their friends.  

The promotion was a hit for Moviefone and fans alike; generating countless consumer impressions and lots of earned media. Three hundred+ photographs of fans posing on the Red Carpet were posted to Moviefone’s Facebook fan page which grew Moviefone's fan base when consumers went to retrieve them. 

Campaign Objectives:

- Build HTC’s ‘hipster’ vibe with college students and other young adults while demonstrating the sophisticated, multi-media functions of HTC’s newest phones. 

- Get cultural trendsetters and influencers engaged with the HTC brand and it’s innovations in technology. 


The Campaign:     

The HTC Online Media Network was created to give consumers in target cities exclusive access to young tastemakers on the cutting edge of culture and technology. The hyper‐regional HTC network featured video interviews with popular local bands and other trendsetters.  


QR codes, installed at campuses, concert venues, art galleries and other touchpoints for young adults, were the portal to discovering the episodes.



The episodes and their unique method of delivery were perceived as extremely exclusive and young consumers rushed to share each new  episode with their social networks.  HTC  gained brand affinity and increased it’s fan base in all target cities.





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